Suite Selection 2011 – Day 3

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HEY JUNIORS, come get these

It’s the third day of a long six-day odyssey, and we embrace the first mixed-point value groups. The Housing 2011 liveblog continues! Things to expect: Woodbridge will be gobbled up by the afternoon, and there will be very few (if any) 6-persons left at the end of the day. The first 8-person will probably go before noon, and if all the 8-person groups going today will pick suites, expect those to all go as well.

We’ll try to answer as many questions as possible, but we may not be able to tell what what your specific lottery number means at a certain moment. General debate, advice, and chatter about the housing process is highly encouraged. Plus, you can always stop by in person! We’ll be cheerfully chomping on Reese’s Minis, grooving with Housing staff, and neglecting our studies with abandon. Bwoggers will be more than willing to chat about the current situation and/or our hopes for the Bacchanal lineup… and of course, we’re still handing out Housing stickers. Happy picking and best o’ luck, all!

Mobile viewing

Need to check in during class? Just point your mobile device to for our chart and go to and search for “Bwog” for our streaming liveblog.

Look below for the latest numbers on what’s left! Bwog Count represents our unofficial tally of how many of a certain suite are left, and the Whiteboard Record will always reflect what’s currently being shown on the Housing whiteboard as the official count.

New this year: Suites in italic are partially occupied by RAs and riders.

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  1. Anonymous

    can you please post what number they're at and the points?? please??

  2. Anonymous  

    Chances of watt double for a freshman group tomorrow??

    • David  (Bwog Staff)  

      None of the studio doubles have gone right now, pairs are still mainly picking into Woodbridge. You'll have a better idea at the end of the day---check our chart then!

  3. Anonymous  

    how far will the ECX's drop?

  4. Anonymous  

    how exactly did a group with 1 sophomore and four juniors pick into ecx already? that would make them 18 wouldn't it? Our point value is 22 and we haven't even picked yet!

  5. Anonymous

    Mobile coverage not working!

  6. Anonymous  

    Spec says only 9 woodbridge. Please tell me they're wrong!!

  7. ec 6th floor doubles  

    Do these rooms have any access to a kitchen? or do you just need to know someone with a suite that you can use?

  8. EC hopeful

    What was the most recent group's lottery number to pick into EC??

  9. uggghhhhhhhhhhh  

    so i guess the 19th 8-person group should be worried :(

  10. Anonymous  

    FREE ICE CREAM by Van Am quad

    Om nom nom

  11. Anonymous

    as a group of 4 sophomores, with our appointment tomorrow, what are our options? could we pick doubles somewhere, or do we have to drop into general selection?

  12. Anonymous  

    ruggles 8 person suites have rats. plan accordingly

  13. Anonymous  

    I'm in a group of 7 all rising juniors. Three of us will be studying abroad next year second semester. What are the chances that more than one person will be placed in our suite?

    Anyone have an idea? Our selection time is in an hour....

  14. Anonymous  

    DONT ROOM ON RUGGLES 5!! A group of obnoxious football players are in the sixth person suite

    • check yoself  

      Firstly, not all of them are football players. Second, all of them are real people (really good people as well, some of the best you'll ever meet). Thirdly, you're just jealous that their lottery number was 95.

  15. Anonymous  

    six* person suite

  16. Anonymous  

    What's so attractive about K-line Watt doubles? Sure they have a big square footage number, but it seems like almost all of that is wasted on the big useless corridor; usable space seems to be less than the D-line to me...

    • Guest Bwogger  

      Theoretically, whatever you lose from the initial 276 will be about equal to the D-line's 240 since the floor plan isn't to scale. That being said, even if it's slightly smaller, the light you get facing the street makes it look all the bigger.

  17. 1178 Juniors?  

    That was listed as an 8-person group. How did that happen?

  18. hahaha Brian.  

    One Bwogger says: "Oh no, if another 8-person group comes in, I'm done!"

    Do you want some whine with that cheese???

  19. if  

    we didnt show up do we automatically drop to gen selection?

  20. Now that it's relevant...  

    which floors in Wien have been renovated recently? =)

  21. hahaha still Brian  

    One Bwogger was just heartbroken:

    "First no mini Reese's left and now no Ruggles left! WORST DAY EVER"

  22. River

    The River walk-through was gone when I went, so we had to settle for Watt. Dammit.

  23. Spec  

    says that there are 40 Watt studio doubles left, but you say there are 41. Check?

  24. Anonymous  

    Why are the Watt 1-BR rooms gone? I thought only the doubles were available for suite selection....

  25. Anonymous

    How the fuck did a 25-person group get woodbridge 5E when seniors were shafted? I thought there were no E suites left at senior regroup.

  26. what are the suite selection times?  

    not going to lie, i want to just go in for the chocolate

  27. Anonymous there any chance they'll let us do a Junior regroup or a ECX? Sophmores are going to get in, this is ridiculous

  28. Dear Bwog  

    How many 7-person suites are really left? What's with the difference between the white board count and your count?


    • David  (Bwog Staff)  

      The Bwog Count reflects what we believe the count to be after talking to people who have selected and looking at the floorplans in the room; the Whiteboard Count is Housing's official published numbers on the whiteboard in John Jay. We aim to broadcast all information available to people who can't be in the lounge, and this includes the Bwog staff count and the info supplied by Housing.

      There were 9 Claremont suites available, and in our liveblog, we recorded 2 groups getting 7-person suites, so there are 7 suites left at the end of the day.

  29. Anonymous  

    Which ruggles 6-person suite is left? Is it the one on the first floor?

  30. Anonymous  

    Is there a chance there will be no singles at all left for rising sophomores? My group has a <200 number, would it be too risky to drop to general?

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