Bwoglines: Is It Worth It Edition

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Here's a hint...

Bwog wants to know— was it worth it?

You had a perfectly good pillow, but you went and ruined it in New York’s annual Pillow Fight last saturday. (Digital Journal)

And to the Scientific Community as a whole, you had all those cows, and you went and made them produce human breast milk. What’s next? Brown cows that produce chocolate milk? Pink cows that produce strawberry milk? (The Telegraph)

An orthodontist in Chinatown was the accidental postal recipient of 31 pounds ($50,000) of marijuana. So he told the cops. (Wall Street Journal)

Rutgers University recently paid Snookie $2,000 more than they plan on paying Nobel-Prize winning author Toni Morrison to speak. (NYMagazine)

In other worth related news, Groupon is offering $8 off your $15 purchase at HamDel.

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  1. asdf  

    Can the HamDel Coupon be used to buy something other than sandwiches?

    • prediction

      1. Groupon deal does incredibly well because ham del relies on starving, poor, tech-savvy students.
      2. Ham-del ends up in the red because of all the food they sold for half the retail price.
      3. groupon makes mad $$$. ham del gets rid of free-sandwich cards to make up for lost revenue.
      4. no more free sandwich cards.

      Consider that before you buy 8,000 chicken wings. actually, go ahead, i'm sure ham del makes enough money.

  2. umm...  

    it's Rutgers. enough said.

  3. Anonymous  

    Guys. I try to resist the urge to correct your spelling, since I know it's obnoxious, but "payed"?

  4. Anonymous

    Also, it's "Chinatown" not "China town."

  5. shiet  

    yo, that was my orthodontist

  6. the pillow fight  

    was definitely worth it.

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