Here's a hint...

Bwog wants to know— was it worth it?

You had a perfectly good pillow, but you went and ruined it in New York’s annual Pillow Fight last saturday. (Digital Journal)

And to the Scientific Community as a whole, you had all those cows, and you went and made them produce human breast milk. What’s next? Brown cows that produce chocolate milk? Pink cows that produce strawberry milk? (The Telegraph)

An orthodontist in Chinatown was the accidental postal recipient of 31 pounds ($50,000) of marijuana. So he told the cops. (Wall Street Journal)

Rutgers University recently paid Snookie $2,000 more than they plan on paying Nobel-Prize winning author Toni Morrison to speak. (NYMagazine)

In other worth related news, Groupon is offering $8 off your $15 purchase at HamDel.

Scuba lingo via wikimedia