CCSC: Eliminating the Paper Trail Edition

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CCSC cooked it up. Brian Wagner ate it down.

  • The Council talked about granting Barnard swipe access to Columbia dorms. In the past, insurance and other legal matters have barred student government from changing the current system. The Council resolved to investigate these barriers and to see if any additional ones existed. They also plan to discuss whether swipe access should be extended to GS or GS/JTS students.
  • Dean of Community Development and Multicultural Affairs Terry Martinez presented plans to create electronic forms for students seeking to reserve space and to grant certain student groups their own credit cards in order to make easier for student groups to access funds and space.
  • Martinez also discussed initiatives that will address the way Columbia students treat each other. She emphasized that we have a responsibility to treat each other respectfully— be nice kids!
  • The council returned to and approved the resolution to put a composting machine on the patio behind Schapiro. In their presentation to the Council, the student leaders behind the initiative emphasized that the compost will start Columbia on the road to a zero-waste lifestyle, educate students about environmental responsibility, and be run by students, for students. The Schapatio offers lots of space, and the machine is enclosed, which will prevent any little furry friends falling in and unpleasant odors from wafting out.
  • Finally, the Council clarified the implications of the Senate’s decision on ROTC. By voting in approval, the Senate stated that they will not oppose the administration’s talks with the military about ROTC programs. This does not guarantee that ROTC will be on campus in the fall.

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  1. ummm....  

    I oppose the Barnard/GS access just for security reasons alone. There are barriers to entry for a reason. And I don't want to have my security compromised because some kid in the senate feels like its only politically correct to brace for a bigger community than that of Columbia College and SEAS by allowing this ridiculous proposal for all access to Columbia dorms.

  2. GS/JTS '13

    As convenient as it would be for us to have swipe access, I see no good reason for it to happen - we are not on the Columbia housing contract. Since we don't, and cannot, live in any Columbia housing (including fraternity/sorority brownstones), it wouldn't make sense to have unlimited access.


    As someone who is actually GS/JTS, I could not disagree more. Having swipe access to Columbia dorms would allow clubs to function more smoothly, and add significantly to our undergraduate experience. Being that we are more involved in on-campus activities and are of a more traditional age than typical GS students, it makes perfect sense for us to be allowed to swipe in and visit friends just as CC and SEAS students currently can.

  4. Anonymous

    I don't understand why CC and SEAS students have swipe access to dorms that they don't live in. It seems like a huge security risk already.

    • Anonymous  

      seriously? swiping in to my own dorm is enough of a shitshow already. I can't imagine how ridiculous the lines would be if every single person who didn't live there had to be signed in. Adding Barnard would just make everyone's lives a whole lot easier.

      • Anonymous  

        It would be ridiculous not being able to acces other dorms as a CC/SEAS student, but Barnard has no swipe access to Columbia students, why would we grant them access?

  5. Barnyard  

    needs to be added.

  6. Anonymous  

    Agree with adding Barnard - at least that serves a purpose. Definitely NO GS - don't want to see that annoying grandma from my chem/bio classes creeping around JJ.

    • CC' 14  

      I don't get why people don't want Barnard added, I have lots of friends who are barnard and any hanging out gets completely interrupted when people have to keep going downstairs/run out of guest-sign-ins (especially a problem at EC parties).

      I get why we can't get into Barnard (because no-boys-allowed is part of the ethos of the school) and why no GS (creepy old people) and no JTS (jews, jkjk, there is just less of a relationship between the schools) but this never made sense to me.

      Why the Barnard hate? How is it a security issue?

      • clarification

        JTS students are also in GS, and are full time traditional age undergraduates at Columbia. Why is there not a relationship between them and CC?

      • Anonymous  

        Agree with you on all accounts about Barnard obtaining swipe access to Columbia dorms. As far as CC/SEAS access to Barnard dorms--I think that once Barnard gains swipe at Columbia, BC admins/public safety will naturally follow suit by allowing CC/SEAS flash(?) access to Barnard dorms. It would be extremely simple since all you have to do is show the guard your ID. Even if CC/SEAS still had to leave their ID with the attendant without having to be physically checked in, it would be an improvement.

        I don't think "no boy's allowed" is part of the Barnard ethos, and at any rate there are CC/SEAS women friends with BC girls who would like to visit their friends dorms without having to be escorted. Does wider access pose a greater security risk? I suppose so...but as long as the desk attendants are attentive I feel safe.

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