CCSC cooked it up. Brian Wagner ate it down.

  • The Council talked about granting Barnard swipe access to Columbia dorms. In the past, insurance and other legal matters have barred student government from changing the current system. The Council resolved to investigate these barriers and to see if any additional ones existed. They also plan to discuss whether swipe access should be extended to GS or GS/JTS students.
  • Dean of Community Development and Multicultural Affairs Terry Martinez presented plans to create electronic forms for students seeking to reserve space and to grant certain student groups their own credit cards in order to make easier for student groups to access funds and space.
  • Martinez also discussed initiatives that will address the way Columbia students treat each other. She emphasized that we have a responsibility to treat each other respectfully— be nice kids!
  • The council returned to and approved the resolution to put a composting machine on the patio behind Schapiro. In their presentation to the Council, the student leaders behind the initiative emphasized that the compost will start Columbia on the road to a zero-waste lifestyle, educate students about environmental responsibility, and be run by students, for students. The Schapatio offers lots of space, and the machine is enclosed, which will prevent any little furry friends falling in and unpleasant odors from wafting out.
  • Finally, the Council clarified the implications of the Senate’s decision on ROTC. By voting in approval, the Senate stated that they will not oppose the administration’s talks with the military about ROTC programs. This does not guarantee that ROTC will be on campus in the fall.

Stacks via wikimedia.