Suite Selection 2011, Day 5

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Pairing up... two is better than one seven

Day five marks the start of a new week, but we’re still here! We’re down to 10-point groups, and with only doubles left, expect a ton of pairing up to happen. Sophomores doing housing for the first time, some words of wisdom: show up to your appointment a few minutes early, grab some of the free candy and soda, and ask questions to the Housing rep that calls you into the cage—they’re always super helpful and will give you honest answers. Like how much the Schapiros walk-throughs suck (really, watch out for them).

We’ll try to answer as many questions as possible, but we may not be able to tell what what your specific lottery number means at a certain moment. General debate, advice, and chatter about the housing process is highly encouraged. Plus, you can always stop by in person! We’ll be cheerfully chomping on Krackels, grooving with Housing staff, and neglecting our studies with abandon. Bwoggers will be more than willing to chat about the current situation… and of course, we’re still handing out Housing stickers. Happy picking and best o’ luck, all!

Mobile viewing

Need to check in during class? Just point your mobile device to http://bit.ly/bwoghousing2011-day5 for our chart!

Look below for the latest numbers on what’s left! Bwog Count represents our unofficial tally of how many of a certain suite are left, and the Whiteboard Record will always reflect what’s currently being shown on the Housing whiteboard as the official count.

New this year: Suites in italic are partially occupied by RAs and riders.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Really pushing McBain, huh, Bwog... What's your deal?

  2. 10/686  

    Which walkthrough in Wein did they take?

  3. Anonymous  

    Wait, Bwog, when is general selection again?

  4. Anonymous

    housing is such bull shit, lottery system sucks nuts, best rooms should go to the highest bidder with the most cash, I hate the Columbia bureaucratic marxists running this place

  5. Anonymous  

    Can you post lottery numbers for the groups who took Furnald doubles?

  6. Anonymous

    i'm sure this has been asked, but do sophomores with numbers at ~1500 have any chance of getting singles?

  7. Anonymous  

    Stuy is a "specialized" high school because they have to take an exam to get in. and it's also because it's, like you said, full of smart people and stuff.

  8. FUCK YEAH...  


  9. Anonymous  

    is there any record of how many seniors have dropped down to general selection? (i.e. whether a junior lives in broadway or wien)

  10. Can you film the person  

    who gets the last slot, then cheer him up by telling him the transfer priority policy. I want to see the rollercoster of emotion.

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