Suite Selection 2011, Day 6

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You'll be missed.

It’s the last day of Housing! It’s been a super-long six-day journey and we’ve seen a lot: pairs of seniors gobbling up Woodbridge, Claremonts gone before 10-point groups, and oh yeah, sophomores getting former exclusion suites. We’ve had our share of candy, soda, and Top 40 songs too, and we’d be lying if we were to say we wouldn’t miss just a little hanging out every day in John Jay Lounge. Also we wanna give a huge shoutout to the wonderful, lovely, and ever-patient Housing staff—they’re the best! Sophomores choosing today, these people are seriously your best friends. (Followed by us.)

We’ll try to answer as many questions as possible, but we may not be able to tell what what your specific lottery number means at a certain moment. General debate, advice, and chatter about the housing process is highly encouraged. Plus, you can always stop by in person! We’ll be cheerfully chomping on Sour Patch Kids, grooving with Housing staff, and neglecting our studies with abandon. Bwoggers will be more than willing to chat about the current situation… and of course, we’re still handing out Housing stickers. Happy picking and best o’ luck, all!

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Need to check in during class? Just point your mobile device to http://bit.ly/bwoghousing2011-day6 for our chart!

Look below for the latest numbers on what’s left! Bwog Count represents our unofficial tally of how many of a certain suite are left, and the Whiteboard Record will always reflect what’s currently being shown on the Housing whiteboard as the official count.

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  1. pleaseee  

    tell us what floors the mcbainers are picking into!!

  2. a huge shout out to housing?

    For what? Overcharging and under-maintaining campus housing? Punishing those who transfer in, take a semester abroad or live off campus? Expecting people to move 3 times in one summer? Waiting until late-August to tell people where they are living? "Cleaning" a bathroom shared by 6 people once a week? Installing broken washing machines? Taking weeks to respond to maintenance request and then just marking them as closed without doing anything? Ignoring emails? Dismissing criticism because "you'll be gone in 4 years anyway"?

    They may do a good job these two weeks in helping us through a stressful, complex process, but the other 50 weeks of the year they are painfully inept at their jobs.

    • truth yo  

      true story--my heater was leaking water everywhere; called housing the first day of the semester. 16 days later, still nothing. i talked to a maintenance guy in the basement one day and it was fixed in two days, and they came back the next day and steam cleaned my carpet. housing and repairs? joke. actual maintenance guys? awesome.
      also when i called hospitality about it after 16 days, they asked where i lived 6 times, then insisted they had no idea where i was talking about. d'oh.

    • Anonymous

      I've so far had great experience with housing. Came within the amount of time stated on the form, (albeit I wish I would've known the exact time earlier, or else there's a chance I wouldn't have been available when they came looking for me), and the three guys were mega friendly and easy going with me and the whole process.

      Not invalidating your complaints or saying they're unjustified - just saying that perhaps these are specific cases of frustration, rather than an entire system gone down the drain? Just my two cents.

    • Anonymous

      Just wait until you have to live in a real apartment.

  3. Anonymous  

    Does anyone know if all the Wien rooms have sinks? Do walk-through doubles have a sink in each room?

  4. Anonymous  

    why the fuck are people taking the mcbain doubles and not the shapiro ones.

    You john jay kids get off the I want to be in Carman too train, and go back to your antisocial dorms. I want myself a nonshaft mcbain room.

  5. Anonymous  

    So which floors are the McBainers picking into?

  6. Anonymous  

    Losing My Edge!!!

  7. Anonymous  

    When asked how they feel about becoming wieners, they countered that it's actually french for winners.
    Who is their French professor?

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