For the past four years, the good people at Morton Williams have printed “Welcome Class of 2011” on the bottom of their receipts. You may have graduated, Class of 2011, but we promise you’ll always be welcomed back.

From senior wisdoms and graduation speeches to inspirational bottle caps and your old man’s sage words, it seems everyone’s trying to offer their counsel. In the spirit of all this unsolicited advice, Bwog leaves you with our own humble tip before we escape for the summer. We like to think of Bwog as a fun-house mirror to the madness, capturing Columbia’s craziness. You’re all such admirably driven people, but we hope you maintain that mirror so you don’t lose track of life’s little delights. All snark aside, get out of your own head once and a while, and peer through the world’s kaleidoscope of perspectives.

And if you’re in for a good cry, recent wise grad, Rajib Mitra, posted a nostalgic Tearjerkers mixtape full of weepy anthems.

So long, folks. It’s been real.