Bweatherman Pat Blute taught us to love the weather, but sometimes it takes advantage of us. After floods ravaged Australia in January, Pat decided to take the semester off to help the victims. Somehow along the way, he got stranded on a deserted island with wild goats. Poisonous ants devoured Pat, and his leg fell asleep for a whole day. True story.

Still, he’s gotta come back at some point. Bwog’s newest video series, Hardcore, follows our hero on his harrowing homecoming. And yes, Zak is bak. And Pauline, too. We’ll start the Core-tastic Odyssey in the fall. Expect footage from the Outback, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand, among other international destinations. Until then, here’s a teaser. Special thanks to Cindy Pan for her wicked illustration skills.