Waking Up With Bwog #4

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NSOP is the new COÖP

Mornin’ freshpeople! We heard you were on an island last night!

How the kids branched out before:

NSOP renting out iconic New York places has been a tradition. Last year, 2014 was on a boat, 2013 danced in the zoo, and 2012 bonded in Victorian Gardens. But maybe dear ol’ 2011 had it best when NSOP used to host a concert. This band Vampire Weekend was there once.

Sari Ancel, SEAS ’10, shares some of her wisdom about just talking to others:

Stop and Chat > Wave Hello > Awkward Ignore…

Awkwardly ignoring someone you know is not only super mean but also not worth the effort of pretending to not know them (e.g. fake texting, feigning sudden interest in lawn trimmings). Just smile or say “hi.” This is perfect for Orientation Week when you make 150 new best friends in one day and you can’t remember someone’s name. [Side note: never be embarrassed to ask someone their name.] The Stop and Chat, however, is by far the superior option. It will help you stay updated with friends that you don’t get to see as often as you like. And, as you are rushing from a lab in Mudd to a meeting in Lerner, the stop and chat will keep you sane / put a smile on your face.

A few culinary options around Morningside Heights:

You’ll probably get sick of John Jay at some point (probably this week, maybe even today), so why not get a little adventurous and check out some of the other options you have right around you?

  • If burgers are your thing, look no further than our own Battle of the Burgers guide to the neighborhood
  • If brunch is your thing, Community Food & Juice is a Bwog favorite. Relish in it now, as it was once closed due to a fire but reopened to everyone’s delight. If you’re feeling bold, you can also try the new Cascabel Taqueria or the new-but-basically-just-Campo Il Cibreo.
  • If you’re in need of coffee, be hip and check out Joe in NoCo
  • Brad’s is an often overlooked and relatively recent addition to the campus dining fare, probably because it’s nestled in the J-School
  • Food cards are a good choice if you’re just after something quick. They will really start showing up more often once the semester starts, but staples have always been dosa cart(s), halal carts (Bwog’s fave is Hooda), and the trendy Korilla.

And if you’re the kind that doesn’t like to pay for their food, don’t worry. Soon there will be tons of student groups looking to recruit fresh young minds, bribing them with the holy grail of college cuisine, free food.

A Golden Nails masterpiece tipped by Michael Kaufman

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  1. CC'13  

    BRING BACK THE GOOD DOSA MAN vegenation is a cart of LIES

  2. cc'11

    burger list isn't complete without Frites 'N' Meats. If you haven't had one of these burgers man, you're missing something out of your life.

  3. CC11

    In addition to the concert, we also got Ellis Island to ourselves for a night full of awkward dancing.

  4. CC13

    admiring the snazzy fingernails and totally wishing my OL had had such flair

  5. CC12  

    Did you forget the Met?... I don't even remember going to Victorian Gardens.

    The Met > All other NSOP "NYC Events"

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