Unexpected acts: On Thursday night, NYU held a “mystery concert” (featuring Flying Lotus, Gang Gang Dance, and Light Asylum) which got rave reviews. At Columbia, we still have to plan our concerts months in advance. (NYULocal)

Unexpected calendars: Forget firemen. Now you can check out hot New York City bus drivers and semi-famous Republican women. (NYDN, Clare Booth)

Unexpected places with animals: A pet cat waiting to be put on a flight with its owner escaped into JFK airport. Meanwhile, this bird in a crowded mall tried to go down an “up” escalator. (CityRoom, Jezebel)

Unexpected radio hosts: Former governor David Paterson now has his own radio talk-show on AM 710. Unsurprisingly, he likes his new job more than his old one.

Unexpected food: Weeds that grow downtown and taste like gasoline apparently make good guacamole. (CityRoom)

Unexpected Columbia roommates: Azar served in Iraq with his “battle buddy,” Alex, until Alex was badly wounded and taken out of the country for medical treatment. After a tour in Afghanistan, Azar enrolled in GS and encouraged Alex to do so as well. Now they’re roommates. (NYT)

Lucy from Google Images