Or just ask your local neighborhood SEAS kid

After you’ve bounced around College Walk amiably signing up for several dozen club listservs, there comes a point when you regret reckless innocence. Now you have 40 extra emails a day that you might have read during NSOP, but now you just don’t have time to care about capoeira or Parliamentary Debate. Department listservs can be even worse (looking at you History Department). Sean Zimmermann reports on how to file for divorce.

As some students may have noticed, CUIT has changed the system that manages club mailing lists. Because the system has been upgraded, the old system for subscribing and unsubscribing from mailing lists around campus, majordomo, is no longer supported.

What does that mean for me? Well, it means there is a new way to unsubscribe from all those mailing lists you signed up for during that activities fair. Here’s how you can manage your mailing lists:

  1. Go to lists.columbia.edu
  2. Find your desired mailing list.
  3. Follow the instructions to (un)subscribe.

So simple!

This also means that there are a few changes for clubs which manage listservs. Now there are no more approved codes, and you can no longer subscribe students by email. You must manage the email lists from the new mailing list admin website here: https://lists.columbia.edu/mailman/admin

Because there are no longer approved codes, clubs have two methods of sending messages to a moderated list. You can either send messages to the list, and use the web interface to approve them manually, or designate specific members of the list to be able to send messages without moderation (in the list website, find the person in the member list, and uncheck the “mod” box).

Note: This only works for mailing lists that end in @lists.columbia.edu. If the mailing lists ends in @columbia.edu, go here: http://www.columbia.edu/acis/email/maillist/