Free Food: Get Saucy Edition

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Queer Awareness Month

Save your pleas for a free swipe into John Jay for another day, and join celeb guests Dean Peter Awn and poet Staceyann Chin for a menu that sounds so good, we almost don’t want to share it with you.

The Queer Awareness Month Opening Ceremony brings you free Dinosaur BBQ—ribs and grilled portobello mushrooms, mac and cheese, and grilled veggie orzo—and homemade cupcakes by Melissa.

It’s tonight from 6pm to 8 pm in the Oval at the Diana. You can check out the rest of the month’s happenings here.

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  1. I'm sick of missing free food updates  

    Post this in the morning, I beg you

  2. Anonymous  

    fix your links. The here isn't directed properly at the page

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