Overseen: How You’re Probably Spending Friday Night

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Night number two of this year’s Halloweekend—that’s a thing, we swear… use it—brings with it the longest line Morningside Heights has seen since Campo Mike first introduced “Cloud Nine Saturdays” (may they rest in peace). And fear not, freshpeople, you don’t even need a fake ID once you reach the front!

A tipster reports a line of extraordinary (but not completely unprecedented) proportions outside our very own Ricky’s location. Looks like we’ll be sticking with last year’s FourLoko stained bunny ears…

Word to the wise: order online next year.

Update: Word on the street (literally…) is that Possibilities@Columbia, at Broadway and 111th Street has its own share of costumes and no line. And if you do make it off of said street(s), don’t forget to enter your costume via tips to our fifth annual contest.

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  1. spraying on cologne as we speak

    prepping to go out tonight. hope to meet some of the Caucasian hoes in that picture. white pussy is the shit. <3 ya ladies.

    - asian guy cc '12

  2. Anonymous  

    did you guys see PedoBear walking on Broadway just now?!? gaahhaha Best. Costume. Ever.

  3. Anonymous

    And if you live in Carman, get your picture taken in costume for the Carman costume competition! Ongoing, Carman lobby, Friday and Saturday 8-midnight!

  4. TRUTH  

    The staff at this Ricky's are racist and discriminatory. I'm black and they follow black people around

  5. boh

    who the fuck has enough money to buy halloween costumes from rickys? oh yea rich columbia kids

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