Natural Disasters: Columbia University researchers have said that the retreat rate an Antarctic glacier will be sped up 20 years, thus increasing global sea levels.  (RedOrbit)

Monsters: The protagonist of the prequel to The Thing that is being released this week is a Columbia University graduate student. (Craig Daily Press)

Finance: Bloomberg has rated Columbia the most expensive university of 2011. (Bloomberg)

Hunger: Upper West Side police are taking an initiative to crack down on illegal food vendors. (DNA Info)

War: 13 Americans are said to have been killed by a Taliban suicide car bomb in Kabul. (NY Times)

Disease: The government is considering testing the Anthrax vaccine on young children. (NY Daily News)

Ghosts: The etymology of the the word “Boo” reveals it won’t work for scaring people in other countries. (Slate)

Vintage Spookies via Wikimedia Commons