Cider week—the frothiest, tangiest, off-brownishest week of all.

The Greenmarket is here every Thursday and Sunday. Every Thursday, Bwog brings you the weekly highlights.

  • As fall tightens its clammy grip, squashes, root veggies, and apples are in abundance.
  • In addition to milk, cream, and yogurt, Milk Thistle farm will be selling fresh chicken on Sunday.
  • Or try try the more exotic meats: ostrich meat from Roaming Acres or Berkshire pork on Thursdays.
  • If you’re not that into flesh, Wagner’s Cider Mill will sport grapes and grape juice both Thursday and Sunday.
  • If the idea of eating flesh makes you depressed, King Ferry Winery will be selling some of New York State’s best wines every Sunday and this Thursday.
  • For an alternative culinary way to drown your sorrows, see Wood Homestead and Tundra Brewery for maple syrup, cotton candy, and local beer on Sundays.
  • Crowned champs Samascott Orchards are offering new apple varieties and, on Sunday, a smattering of apple pie recipes at the info station.
  • In case you haven’t already, celebrate cider week this Sunday with a cider-based cooking demonstration from 12 to 1 pm.
Seasonal sip via wikimedia.