No, It’s Not Just You

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If you’ve been having trouble loading a page or three, you’re not alone as it seems that Columbia’s internet is down just about everywhere.  Which, of course, makes us wonder how you’re reading this in the first place… (Yeah, yeah, smart phones—we know.) No updates yet on the situation, but you can check for the latest on the CUIT alerts page.

Update: The internet’s back…

Update 2: … but Courseworks is down—hope you didn’t have anything due at midnight!

More Updates: A little big of digging around led us to this, suggesting that CUIT might have rebooted their systems ahead of schedule. Still, a bit odd that Courseworks is down also; it’s not yet clear if the outage is at all related.

Final Update: Courseworks is back up, hopefully marking the end of the Great Internet Blackout of 2011. Still, don’t be surprised if there are more sporadic blackouts throughout the day (particularly between 6 and 7 am) as CUIT reboots its wireless around campus.

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  1. Anonymous  

    its back but courseworks isn't FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  2. joe

    Yo Bwog, thanks for the update, but you misused "begs the question."

  3. Anonymous  

    finally I can fap

  4. I hear the sound...  

    of 6000 Columbians cursing the world then falling into a peaceful, guilt-free slumber knowing they can do no more.

  5. Anonymous  

    If the internet had been down any longer, I'm pretty sure some riots would have broken out at Butler...

  6. damn  

    my reddit page is still messed up though

  7. Anonymous  

    The alert you posted only said anything about wireless service, but ethernet was down too.

  8. Anonymous  


  9. Also,  

    I love the "HOLY SHIT" tag

  10. ...  

    there was a "resolved service alert" posted quietly to the archive that mentions that their dns went down from 11:30-12:09. when dns is out, pretty much every breaks.

  11. why  

    is Spec also down?!

  12. Anonymous  

    The internet was down at Barnard as well. My ethernet started working very quickly though.

  13. Anonymous  

    The internet still blows in my room. I go to a website and it appears to be loading a blank screen for 15 minutes. Luckily I can tether to my phone since Columbia can't seem to provide me with internet reliable enough to use Courseworks.

  14. Anonymous

    Columbia spoils us rotten. Just wait until you go abroad. This happens to me daily for two hours, and that's the best case scenario. I can't even watch YouTube videos as they're loading (the horror!).

  15. Anonymous  

    Dear Anonymous: If you are having network access problems in your residence hall room, please contact the CUIT help desk at 4-1919 or send an email to and we'll work with you to resolve whatever problem you are having. Whether you are in one of the recently WiFi'd res halls or still stuck on the older wired network, you should have no problem getting to Courseworks, YouTube, or wherever.

    Or keeping using your phone if you prefer:-)

  16. haldean  

    It would seem that we got hacked. A number of schools had their DNS service get taken down by a DoS vulnerability in bind(9)

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