If you’ve been having trouble loading a page or three, you’re not alone as it seems that Columbia’s internet is down just about everywhere.  Which, of course, makes us wonder how you’re reading this in the first place… (Yeah, yeah, smart phones—we know.) No updates yet on the situation, but you can check for the latest on the CUIT alerts page.

Update: The internet’s back…

Update 2: … but Courseworks is down—hope you didn’t have anything due at midnight!

More Updates: A little big of digging around led us to this, suggesting that CUIT might have rebooted their systems ahead of schedule. Still, a bit odd that Courseworks is down also; it’s not yet clear if the outage is at all related.

Final Update: Courseworks is back up, hopefully marking the end of the Great Internet Blackout of 2011. Still, don’t be surprised if there are more sporadic blackouts throughout the day (particularly between 6 and 7 am) as CUIT reboots its wireless around campus.