So glorious

Friends, ’tis the season to be seasonal. After taking in yesterday’s picturesque glories, the CC 2013 class council thought they’d keep up the momentum with an autumnal event of their own. They’ll be stationed outside of Butler at 6 pm this evening with plenty of free apple cider to keep you hydrated during your requisite Butler break. Bask in the loveliness of it all…and then go back inside and write your paper.

But…if you’re still feelin’ like celebrating the season (and we don’t blame you), it might be your in best interest to head over to Satow Room at 9:30 pm for the Culinary Society’s first-ever Thanksgiving Pie Competition! 15 teams have entered, and the evening’s menu looks positively scrumptious, featuring classics such as apple and pumpkin to such exoticisms as kabocha ginger and chocolate pecan. The event is completely free, and all attendees will get to vote for their favorite pie. Winners will receive the title of Master Pie Maker.

So much for studying tonight…

Apple assortment via Wikimedia Commons