The Greenmarket convenes on Broadway every Thursday and Sunday. Bwog updates you on the highlights of this week’s harvest. Dare to get seasonal.

Part of a balanced diet

  • While grape season is over, it’s always wine season. King Ferry Winery will still be serving up local wines this Sunday and next Thursday.
  • Want some cheese with that wine? Millport Dairy brings raw milk cheese to the market today.
  • Want some bread with that cheese? Buon Pane will be selling breads today and Sunday.
  • Want some ostrich-based dog treats with that bread? Roaming Acres brings ostrich steaks, fresh eggs (and empty eggs), and dog treats today.
  • Head over to Milk Thistle on Sunday for organic, vat-pasturized milk and yogurt.
  • Meredith’s Bakery promises apple, pumpkin and other pies in a variety of sizes today and Sunday.
  • Don’t miss this week’s cooking demos: At 11:30 am today, Purple of Barnard’s nomad cafe will be demonstrating how to prepare sauteed butternut squash with red bell peper chutney using all fresh market ingredients. On Sunday, the market cooks will be presenting a variety of stocks from chicken and beef to vegetable and corn.
Greenmarket mascot via wikimedia.