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The Politics of Naming

They’re here! But what shall we call them? Bwog has learned some things during our time at Columbia, namely that all the things you thought you knew are probably wrong and everything you hold dear is probably the cause of some deep-rooted societal problem. We figure our readers are pretty smart, and could help us figure out how to avoid continuing this centuries-old tradition of political incorrectness. Find us a suitable replacement for the “Christmas tree” by voting in our poll. Here are your options, ordered to reflect the current standings:

  • Dank Pine
  • Presents’ Umbrella
  • Holiday Bush
  • Communitree
  • Capitalist Conifer

Maybe we should just ask them

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  • STOP says:

    @STOP using cellphone and get a better camera Bwog

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous troy barnes made the best christmas tree

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous oh christmas troy, oh christmas troy.

    1. COMMUNITY SUCKS says:


  • AnonyMOOSE says:

    @AnonyMOOSE I hope that there’s some dank pine under the Dank Pine this holiday season.

  • RE: christmas trees in dorms says:

    @RE: christmas trees in dorms I don’t know about real, formerly-living, full-sized trees, but my suite has a super awesome 4.5′ artificial tree decorated mostly with household objects. Be jealous.

  • Christmas Spirit says:

    @Christmas Spirit It’s a freaking christmas tree. Why call it anything else?

    Christmas is a national holiday for crying out loud…

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous It always has been and always will be a Christmas tree, despite what the Godless atheists are trying to force down your throats.

    1. Responds to Trolls says:

      @Responds to Trolls Sounds like you need a Winter Solstice tree shoved up your ass.

      /Different than a Christmas tree
      /Squint and you can see the differences

      1. Trollololol says:

        @Trollololol “Different from”: the phrase you mean is different from the one that you use.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Seems pretty futile and idiotic trying to rename the “Christmas Tree.” No one will know what you are talking about. I also don’t get how it is politically incorrect to call it a Christmas Tree. It came from, persisted, and is so renowned because of the very tradition that is Christmas. Can’t change that fact, sorry!

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