The right attitude

When Bwog rolled out of bed this morning and checked iCal, we counted two weeks of classes left, so we naturally assumed we were miscounting because we hadn’t had our morning Joe yet. Upon post-caffeination recount, we still counted two, and quickly resorted to running around our room screaming like a little kid in the vain hope that our mommy would hear and come save us from impending disaster. Be prepared to do the same, as we provide you with some rather startling digits:

2 – Number of full weeks of class left in the semester

11 – Number of days of class left (9 if you don’t have class on Fridays)

2.5 – Number of weeks until final exams

19 – Number of days until final exams begin (Friday, December 16)

26 – Number of days until final exams end (Friday, December 23)

3 – Mindblowingly large number of study days before finals this year

12 – Number of weeks since the start of the semester

55 – Number of days of class since the start of the semester

5 – Number of Security Alerts sent out this semester

1 – Number of football games Columbia won this season

So, what does this all mean? It means that you have 2 weeks to: turn that B+ into an A-; catch up on a semester’s worth of reading; actually start trying to contribute in classes that count participation; learn the name of that class that didn’t have a midterm; figure out what to do with the next summer and send in an application or two; find someone with notes from that 9am that you never go to; maybe attend office hours for once.  Sheesh, Debbie Downer much? Ultimately, the amount of time a task requires is the amount of time it takes to finish it. It’ll all get done. We have faith in your abilities, man.

visual metaphor via Unsheathed