Photo by Mike Discenza

Watching Jersey Shore can make you feel like a sociologist studying a foreign world of super tan “juiced” fist-pumpers. Professor Diane Vaughn’s Mistake, Misconduct and Disaster class got to observe the subject up close when one of the show’s stars, Vinny, stopped by earlier today (better or worse than Natalie Portman?). Unfortunately he didn’t talk about GTL (Gym Tan Laundry, obvs!!) or “T-shirt time” (choice Vinny quote: “My V-neck is so fresh that it defied the rules of T-shirt time.”) Instead, the celeb guest told the class about his work with an anti-bullying group called Do Something. Back in the pre-Jersey days, he got teased by hot girls.

Believe it or not, UChicago just hosted a conference on Jersey Shore studies, and NYTimes wrote about it for the cover of the Arts section. One speaker titled a slide in her presentation “Bodily Discipline: Foucault + Snooki = BFF.” Another was “The Jersey Saga: Honor Culture in Medieval Iceland and Modern Seaside.” And apparently there’s this thing called “the branded hybrid person- character.”

He tweets:
Just spoke to a class at Columbia University on behalf of @dosomething about #antibullying. Shocked?

Update: A tipster has informed us that the student who invited Vinny was Shoshana Bar-David (BC 12), an intern for Do Something.

Photo by Rebecca Eis