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Spotted by Chief of Ruggles Snuggles Andrew Kisch

Bwog received numerous tips today that a film crew from ABC7 was around campus getting footage and conducting interviews about the recent attempted robberies of iPhones. No footage has been posted to the local affiliate’s website yet, but we’re hoping that when it does, we can get sandwich man‘s take on all this.

Update, 3:00 am: The segment is now online. Check it out below:

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  1. CC'13  

    everyone knows james bennett is the mayor of ruggles

  2. correction

    James Bennett II

  3. Anonymous  

    Erica! What's the point of hiding your iphone in another pocket if you're just going to announce it on television?

  4. I love

    I love how the guy at the end holds up his iPhone to the camera while walking away. And yes, I did just use the correct capitalization on "iPhone"

  5. Anjuli dewakar

    girl is kinda cute.

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