An Early Christmas Present

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From us to you: a Limited Edition Louise McCune Original poster of all of our Butler Archetype friends. We’ve left a stack on the shelves in the back of Butler Café, and a few around 209. If you don’t nab one today, don’t worry, we’ll be sprinkling them around the library over the coming week.

Love, Bwog

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  1. Concerned alum  

    Are these images really up to The Blue and the White's usual high standard? What made you decide to make these into a poster? And please tell me you aren't thinking of trying to sell it.

  2. Anonymous  

    These are awesome.

  3. Anonymous

    Too bad these are rulll ugly.

  4. Anonymous  

    For the pile you left at the Butler Reference Desk. I have scored one for myself and will give it pride of place in my office. Well done, Bwog--and Louise!

    -- Karen the Librarian

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