Oh, The Irony

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Well, easy come easy go. With just one day left before the end of the semester, the tarp-less streak has come to an end as the South Lawn waved the white flag of surrender. Before we could get a response from Facilities regarding their absence, several tipsters informed us that the tarps were brought out this morning.

While a bleak sight, perhaps it is simply part of Facilities’ scheme to make it snow in time for a white Christmas. With one day of finals left, never forget the power of positive thinking.


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  1. Anonymous  

    Jinxed it, Bwog.

  2. Anonymous  

    After this year's XMAS, I will never be able to read the words "Oh, the irony" again without hearing them in David Offit's voice.

  3. Anonymous  

    what exactly is the point of the tarps?

    also, it took me a ridiculous number of refreshes of the captcha before i found one i could actually read in order to be able to post this.

  4. Anonymous

    Every time Bwog mentions the lawns, something bad happens.

  5. Anonymous

    This photo is seriously fucking with my head.

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