We're hoping he tried to order a sausage pizza

So as to continue this wonderful recent trend in overheard/seen pleasantries, now a gossip gem from the Harvest issue of the Blue and White:

One recent Saturday night, a drunken blond gentleman tried to order Koronet* pizza with his jeans pooled around his feet and his eerily transparent boxers on full display. When the cashier refused him entry, the young lad addressed him as, “Papi,” told him to “fuck off,” and then spun around, bent down and flashed the entirety of his ass. He then ran outside and hailed a cab, but before making his final exit, he decided to come back Koronet’s entryway and flash his balls.

*Editor’s note: we debated for a good five minutes whether it’s Koronet or Koronet’s. Verdict: technically it’s Koronet, but colloquially we’ll stick with Koronet’s.

Gratuitious meat addition via Wikimedia