N*ggas in Ferris

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For your Sunday night viewing pleasure, enjoy this politically correctly titled video starring our very own Ferris made by some of our own esteemed colleagues! It’s good.


So I ball so hard even Wilma wanna fry me, but first dining gotta fine me,
What’s 50 meals on a meal plan like D, could you please remind me?
(ball so hard) this fish crazy, pasta bar cuz yo ass lazy
I could do East or 212, TG in Jay for that sweet gravy.
(ball so hard) That lo mein, Cottage man, shit’s insane,
(ball so hard) with disdain, swipin’ in to my domain.
Pizza, pasta, frittata — shit whipped up quick!
John Jay, Hewitt, Ferris, after 6.
Ball so hard) Got bubble tea, Double Shots and mo’ coffee,
Sushi, truly, OJ for that OG.
(ball so hard) That soup too, sickenin chicken noodoo,
if you ate what I’ve ate, you be in Ferris getting fucked up too!
(ball so hard) Get pasta, get in line and then move fasta,
half pesto, half ‘fredo, preachin the sauce like a church pastor.
(ball so hard) For them crepes, steal some apples some green grapes,
eat shit, all day, time for class? i been late.

Ball so hard even Wilma wanna fry me,
that’s John jay, that’s John Jay… that’s John Jay.
So I ball so hard even wilma wanna fry me,
that’s John Jay, that’s John Jay… that’s John Jay.

She said “Ry, can we get Ferris after eight?”,
I said “Girl, you know I’d rather hit the Jay,
I’ll swipe you in, you don’t need no tray
and if you want I’ll let you lick one off my plate…”
(So I ball so hard) that’s John Jay… ain’t gon’ pay,
(ball so hard) what’s for dinner? Fish fillet?
(ball so hard) Your soup so cold! Microwave,
(ball so hard) act like you never be around dining halls like this again.
dining dolls is what I spend, fuck that I ain’t on no plan,
Choose my sauce when I’m in Ferrs… I’m just sayin’
Mo Williams ain’t do it right, if you ask me,
And we know that all of the shawties eat at Hewee,
What’s chicken, that’s tikka? Which line’s movin quicka?
What’s cheap that’s the liquor, what’s that spice, it’s paprika!
JJ smoothies the chillest, Feel Good cheese is the grillest,
got my BWAAAAHHHH in Ferris, and they going to grill us, huh?

Ball so hard even Wilma wanna fry me,
that’s John Jay, that’s John Jay… that’s John Jay.
So I ball so hard even Wilma wanna fry me,
that’s John Jay, that’s John Jay… that’s John Jay.

We ain’t be reppin’ the hood, but we be reppin that hooda,
falafel cart for the start then hit up Westside for gouda.
Duane Reade’s, lately, that neighborhood spot for iced tea,
Arnold, Palmer, half and half but all G.
(ball so hard) That’s John Jay, not Broadway,
(ball so hard) where’s it at? Across the way,
(ball so hard) on Amsterdam, and one-fourteen,
(ball so hard) gotta get there quick if you ever wanna get Thanksgiving dinnn.
(ball so hard) in that Jay, stormin’ Ferris, that shit cray.
With my boys from eleven on the side of me, if they got tater tots you better make way,
(ball so hard) at JJ’s, get me some wings and some pancakes,
Charlie’s crew always keepin’ it fresh with that grill hot and them cold shakes.
It’s okay, ain’t it Jay? Down here at Columbi-ay,
as long as I got Ferris cookin’ up all you can eat buffet.
Buffalo wrap, Caesar salad, thin crust pizza, chopped carrots,
if you catch me puttin’ eyes on you, I just need that salt could you please pass it?

Ball so hard even Wilma wanna fry me,
that’s John Jay, that’s John Jay… that’s John Jay.
Ball so hard even Wilma wanna fry me,
that’s John Jay, that’s John Jay… that’s John Jay.


Directed and produced by:
Jasper L. Clyatt

James Bennett II
Shudipto Rahman
Ryan Mandelbaum

Written by:
James Bennett II
Shudipto Rahman
Ryan Mandelbaum
Jasper L. Clyatt

Cinematography and camera operation by:
Max Bartick
Raeye Daniel
Jasper L. Clyatt

Sound Engineering by:
Melaku Assegued

Edited by:
Jasper L. Clyatt

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  1. Anonymous  

    I don't know what that means.

  2. Anonymous  

    I don't even know what that means.

  3. Anonymous  

    I wish Max Bartick would make it rain on me daily

  4. Anonymous  

    oooooh. vimeo. edgy.

  5. Anonymous  

    tags should include shudipto and james. they are kind of the stars of the vid.

  6. so wrong but it feels so right  

    ryan mandelbaum got hot? what?

  7. Anonymous

    reppin Bangladesh.

  8. CC'13  

    james bennet should be emperor of everything

  9. um about the title  

    where is ferris in this video? cause DAS JOHN JAY

  10. Anonymous  

    Shudipto Rahman's verse is really the only one that's worth it...the rest is kinda just shit lol

  11. Anonymous  

    Y I No See Hewitt?

  12. Anonymous  

    Ball so hard ???? wanna fry me...
    what is he saying

  13. OMG

    Being a freshman is awesome!!!!!!!

  14. Jazzlitimagination  

    They're not freshman! Aaaaaand I love them.

  15. make sure  

    to watch to the end

  16. incredible  

    what's chicken, that's tikka? which line's movin' quicka?
    what's cheap that's the liquor? what's that spice it's paprika

    actually lyrical genius. wordnerding out over here

  17. Anonymous

    <3 jj11 2009-2010

  18. Anonymous


  19. Anonymous  

    james has pretty good flow, shudipto is the best though. ryan has a TERRIBLE rap voice and he was just a hair under tempo, or something. ima be real, after watching this, i am now officially a little attracted to shudipto.

  20. Anonymous  

    everything about this video is great. except for any scene where shudipto rahman is featured. basically the worst moments of my life, similar to getting stabbed in the eyes and ears repeatedly

  21. Anonymous  

    lovers gonna love

  22. Anonymous  

    jasper looks like joseph gordon-levitt's character in inception in that suit. whatta boss

  23. Anonymous  

    The neck beard...it's so...confusing. It makes me feel things...

  24. dedicated  

    R.I.P. Shamiq. He got bust in head two times god. This one is for you.

  25. Rae  

    What the fuck... yo still sweatin' the tape, man.

  26. 245  

    Ain't nothin' to fuck with.

  27. Anonymous

    Yikes Bwog, do you really condone this use of the N word? I understand that this video does not intend to offend, but it does, and this site serves as a public representation of our community.

    • Really?! (with Seth and Amy)  

      You really think it's offensive for bwog to post a video about a famous song that includes the word "n*ggas?" I think it's pretty clear it's not being used as a slur; for fuck's sake, they even bleeped out the word.

      This isn't an example of racist white guys appropriating black culture; Ryan, Shudipto, and James are Columbia rappers who are paying homage to a song we all know and love.

      I really don't see how this video, let alone bwog's post about it, could be construed as offensive.

    • Hater  

      more offended by the song itself, really. shit was weak.

  28. Black Guy

    I support this. Is okay

  29. malida  

    yo ryan, i <3 you

  30. Anonymous

    swagg as hell bros. but some females were needed in the mix.

  31. hot chick

    shudipto looks like drake he mad sexxxxy

  32. blech.

    this is really bad all around. shame to all who participated.

  33. am I

    the only one who cant look at Ryan without wanting to bitch slap him with his backpack of black dildos? I am not sure if I dislike him or am just sexually repressed

  34. What is this?

    I don't even...

  35. Anonymous

    I LOVE James Bennett

  36. //  

    nothin offensive about this at all// im on plan D, 50 meals is 66% of my semesterly allotment//

  37. yo ryan

    you was mad cute til you started making out with my best friend at that one party. he said you were good doh, so i might still be interested...

  38. Anonymous  

    um... they aren't 2015-ers.

  39. Anonymous  

    where is the jasper clyatt tag????

  40. Anonymous  

    i love these guys.

  41. Anonymous  

    I want Ryan Mandelbaum's dick

  42. Anonymous  

    The two follow-up rappers either need to find some RHYTHM or get outta the game!!

  43. Anonymous  

    But lil' biggie's got my blessing

  44. phil

    shout out to hooda halal

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