Update, 11:30 am: Kristin Sylvester, Associate Director of the Office of Residential Programs, and Ricardo Morales, Manager of the Crime Prevention Programs both sent out emails to residents confirming the thefts. Both are after the jump.

Update, 11:11 am: According to Terry Martinez: “As in previous cases, several laptops,  iPods, and chargers were stolen from unlocked rooms.”

Update, 10:44 pm: According to a third tipster, a guard confirmed that four laptops were stolen.

A tipster reports that the NYPD was spotted entering EC around 8 pm on Friday night, headed for the 16th floor high-rises. That same tipster relates that “just before 10 pm as I was entering EC, a Public Safety officer came in to tell the desk guard to send NYPD to the 16th floor when they arrived.” The tipster then asked the desk guard what was happening, and reports, “His word is that the Friday night incident was a laptop theft in suite 16[xx] and tonight is another theft in suite 16[yy].”

A second tipster reports that a laptop was stolen last night from a townhouse.

Public Safety declined to comment. Lock your suite doors, residents!

From Kristin Sylvester:

Dear East Campus Residents:

There have been a number of laptops and other electronic equipment confirmed as stolen from East Campus suites over the past few days.  Please ensure you are locking all doors and securely storing your equipment (i.e., in your locked bedroom, etc.).  To ensure your door is locked please push it shut and pull on it to know its closed.  To those in the high-rise, make certain that both the upper level and lower level doors of your suite are locked.  It is also important for everyone to be mindful of guests you bring into EC and into your suites – you should always personally know who you are signing into the building and hosting in your suite; you are also responsible for your guest’s actions so please ensure they are abiding by our policies.

On this note, if you would like to get routine updates from Public Safety on any/all crime occurring on our campus you can contact Ricky Morales from Public Safety at rm29@columbia.edu to join his listserv.

See the below and attached information from Public Safety.  Should you have any further information please contact me, your RA, or Public Safety at 212-854-5555.

From Ricardo Morales:

Dear Public Safety Friends,

Over the past several days, a number of laptops and other electronic equipment have been reported stolen in East Campus. The Public safety Department is working with the NYPD on these crimes.

If you have any information about these incidents, or noticed anyone acting suspiciously, contact the Public Safety Department at 212-854-4790, 212-854-6634 or 212-854-0377.

Please remember to always lock your door when leaving your room, and do not leave personal property in unattended or open areas of your suite.

If you observe anyone acting in a suspicious manner, call Public Safety’s emergency line at 212-854-5555.