Who deserves to live in the brownstones on 114th street: FiJi, still exiled to EC; AXO, the only [PanHel] sorority without a house; a special interest community? Figure it out soon, because you might get to decide—or at least assist with making recommendations for a final decision!

Terry Martinez, Dean of Community Development and Multicultural Affairs, is starting a committee of administrators and students that will review the applications of groups that want to live in the brownstones and make recommendations to Dean Shollenberger. If you want to “meet to develop criteria that will outline a successful application process for groups who are interested in living in these residences,” it’s as easy as filling out this application by 5 pm Friday.

If you’d rather live in the brownstones than decide who gets them, there will be applications for 2014 brownstone housing in April. But next year, the brownstones will be in the regular housing lottery.

Brownstone Review Committee
I am convening a Brownstone Review Committee that will oversee a fair review process that will determine which groups will reside in the 536, 542, and 546 brownstones located on 114th Street. The committee, which will consist of students and administrators, will meet to develop criteria that will outline a successful application process for groups who are interested in living in these residences. Students interested in serving on the committee must complete the Brownstone Review Committee Application so that we may vet for a committee that is as fair as possible. While there will be both Greek-affiliated and non-affiliated students serving on the committee, no student serving on the committee may be part of the application process. Students who serve on this committee must be in good academic and judicial standing.

Role of the Committee:

– Develop the criteria for a successful application
– Hold open information sessions to help answer any questions or clarify the process
– Review completed applications
– Make recommendations to Dean Shollenberger for final decision


February 24th – Students interested must submit completed applications by 5:00pm
February 27th – Review and vetting of applicants begins
March 9th – Committee convenes to hear charges and expectations
April 13th – Brownstone applications available
April 15-28th – Open information sessions
September 28th – Completed applications due to committee by 5:00 pm
October – Applications reviewed
November 19th – Decisions sent to applicants