Make this for your friends!

Thursdays and Sundays between 114th and 116th on Broadway the Greenmarket gives you reasons to leave your dorm.  Every Thursday, Bwog tells you what those reasons are.  Check out this week’s highlights:

  • Giants? Patriots? We all know the Super Bowl is REALLY about the food (and maybe the commercials…).  Stop by the market info table on Thursday and Sunday for a free Super Bowl recipe packet and get some ideas for a delicious and unique spread
  • That lovely scent wafting into your room?  Yeah, it’s not from your freshly-cleaned floor bathroom.  Lavender By The Bay is back on Sundays!  Pick up a bouquet to keep your room smelling heavenly
  • On Thursday February 9th show your favorite farmer some pre-Valentine’s-Day love by stopping at Market Information to take a photo with a farmer or your loved one (or both!)

Feel free to use credit, debit, and EBT

Creation of the best soccer mom ever via Westword Magazine