chinos shminos

Put them to use! Walk around!

Hey – did you notice how beautiful the weather is right now?  Put on pants, leave your room, and go walk around!  While you’re doing so, be sure to check out the Greenmarket which is here, as always, every Thursday and Sunday between 114th and 116th on Broadway.  Below, see this week’s highlights:

  • Gajeski Produce is back today!  They are here with a wonderful selection of beautiful greens imported all the way from Long Island
  • Last Sunday you may have smelled something delicious and heard your stomach grumbling “need protein…” Well, the market was grilling steak from the new beef vendor Grady’s/Sawkill Farm. They are back this week.  Listen to your stomach.
Credit, debit, and EBT should stroll the market with you
The latest style via Wikimedia Commons