We’re on your side, Columbians. We give you the news, engage in relevant and intellectual debates, and we always answer your questions, even when they’re kinda awkward. And we know that aside from PrezBo’s hair, not much is more mystifying to the student body than the housing lottery. We have always strived to give you a hand when it comes to housing, but we know that many of you have questions that may get left unanswered. Once we realized that no one knows what questions you have better than yourselves, we decided to introduce a new housing feature: Ask Bwog HousingMaster!

Here’s how it works: send your housing questions to housing@bwog.com (or leave them in the comments), and we will make bad puns post your questions, along with the best answer we can come up with. All of these posts will appear in a new dedicated tab at the top of the page called “Housing Q&A.” There, you’re welcome to leave your own feedback, comments, and questions, and we will respond to the best of our ability in order to soothe your worried souls. Ready, set, inquire!