It’s been a little less than a month since Bwog has begun its quest for the best cup of joe in Morningside. After a victory upset and the close of Round 1, the stakes went up a notch. This time, the battle between our winners from Round 1 caused our caffeinated connoisseurs a double-take, but after careful consideration we came up with these results for our semi-final round. 

The Result: The scientists put on their lab coats and came together for a truly crucial round. Both Oren’s and Starbucks have their respective fans so the experts did not take this matter lightly. Oren’s won with overwhelming support from all the taste-testers, and Starbucks retreated to the wall of coffee shame.

Next Week: The second part of the semi-final round is due, in which the breakfast cart on 118th and Joe battle it out to the top. Though many didn’t think cart coffee would come this far, it could quite possibly win another upset victory. Then the winners will move on to the final round, in which we will offer a judges’ opinion before polling you, dear readers, to see who is the very best of them all.

Cup #1: (Oren’s)

“smell is nothing special” “a little nutty, full body, hint of bitterness but no bad aftertaste”

“strong and dark” “pretty good legs” “pretty smooth, not metallic” “a little bit caramelly”

“nutty smell, reminds me of home” “oakey” “woody” “smooth, very nice texture” “comforting” “inviting, it’s just hugging you”

“deep, profound” “you could lose yourself in the smell” “reassuring, soothing, comforting” “it’s there for you on a long day” “hidden depths”


Cup #2: (Starbucks 115th)

“less appealing smell” “more metallic” “still goes down nicely”

“more metallic” “slightly less good” “inoffensive” “a little flavorless” “middlebrow”

“a little burnt” “will do the job, but less enjoyable”

“a little weaker” “thinner” “less bold” “a little timid”


1 – Orens

2 – Starbucks 115th