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Housing Reviews 2012: Watt

Location: 549 W. 113th Street

  • Nearby dorms: Across the street from Symposium and McBain. Around the block from Broadway and Hogan.
  • Stores and restaurants: All the same locations as McBain and Nussbaum—you’ve got the best of Broadway at your disposal. Milano, Nussbaum & Wu, and International are all a 30-second walk. And they’re all it takes to survive.


  • $8,324 (same as EC, Ruggles, Hogan, Woodbridge) but worth every penny.


  • Bathrooms: Private bathrooms in each single/double.
  • AC/Heating: No AC, but many suites have multiple windows so it is possible to create great airflow. Erratic heating due to the building’s old age.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Full kitchen in each single/double.  Amazing!
  • Laundry: One dryer and washer on each floor.
  • Computers/Printers: A printer was installed in the lobby this year.
  • Gym: No gym.
  • Intra-transportation: The world’s slowest elevator and stairs.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Hardwood.

Room variety:

  • Studio singles and studio doubles.
  • 1- and 2-bedroom doubles.
  • Basically some of the best Housing has to offer.


  • Studio doubles go to mostly Juniors, and maybe a few lucky Sophomores. That may change due to junior regroup this year, though.
  • Studio singles go to very lucky Seniors.
  • 1-bedrooms go to lucky Juniors.
  • 2-bedrooms go to lucky Seniors.

Bwog recommendation:

  • Rising Juniors looking for a double should think of Watt as their first choice.
  • The singles and 2-bedrooms are amazing options for rising Seniors.

Resident opinions:

  • “The rooms are really hard to beat. All have kitchens and bathrooms within them; really big fridges, stoves, lots of storage space.”
  • “Best washer/dryer arrangement on campus.”
  • “The building is an old apartment building, so it’s got a cool, rustic look and feel. People say that the hardwood floors are scuffed in a cool way, and it feels lived-in and homely.”
  • “Roof access is awesome. Real live bathrooms with tile and everything, like a real life home.”
  • “It is not very social. At all. Because the bathrooms/kitchens are within the rooms, you never really run into anyone else on your floor (I couldn’t recognize most of my neighbors at a police lineup). Also, there are no lounges and TVs.”
  • “There is one elevator, and it’s one of those super old ones that feels like it’s from the Civil War because you have to pull open a door to use it. I’m pretty sure I can walk up the stairs faster than it travels, but it’s a bummer because you have to use it to go to the basement to throw out your trash like in Claremont.”
  • “I think I have an RA, but I’m not really sure. Sometimes people try to organize events (Watt is part of the Block thing) but no one really goes to them I don’t think.”
  • “Delivery people like to buzz you with the intercom (if it still works) but you can’t answer back so they just hold the button down.”


Photos by Elyse DeWitt.

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  • SB says:

    @SB Watt will not
    abate one jot
    but of what

    0f the coming to
    0f the being at
    0f the going from
    Knott’s habitat

    of the long way
    of the short stay
    of the going back home
    the way he had come

    of the empty heart
    of the empty hands
    of the dim mind wayfaring
    through barren lands

    of a name with dark winds
    hedged about
    going out
    gone out

    of the empty heart
    of the empty hands
    of the dark mind stumbling
    through barren lands

    that is of what
    Watt will not
    abate one tot

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Cool story, bro.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous cool story bro

  • Former Watt resident says:

    @Former Watt resident I lived in a 2-bedroom my senior year– it was generally great, but the heating does get to be an issue in the winter. The heat can’t be controlled by the resident at all– some days in the winter, it was so hot I was sweating and wearing shorts. Then the next day, the heat would turn off and I’d be freezing and would huddle by the oven to keep warm (didn’t work). Despite all this, the heating pipes clank insultingly loudly, as if they’re actually keeping up appearances of working.

    Anyway. Watt was still a great place to live, but I’m just throwing my experience out there.

    1. Current Watt Resident says:

      @Current Watt Resident The heating is still terrible. Many days of windows wide open to sub-freezing temperatures and yet still approaching 80 degrees in the room, and some of the opposite too. Other than the heating, though I have no complaints. Watt is a good place to be.

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous This is also true for the Studio Doubles. Watt is awesome, and I would live here again, though. My advice: if you choose to live in the studio double get there first so you don’t have to sleep in the bed that’s closest to the radiatior. It heats up your bed frame and makes you feel like you’re sleeping in hell.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I like what you did with the picture there

  • excellent says:

    @excellent photo. Even though the effect isn’t difficult for the typical annoying FB girl, it’s still pleasant to look at.

  • University Apartments says:

    @University Apartments Are no longer available….boo

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