Impress your friends with fresh kale!

Pining for the sandy white beaches and perfect weather you just came back from? Chase away your week-after-Spring Break blues at the Columbia Greenmarket every Thursday and Sunday between 114th and 116th on Broadway.  Spring means new items are popping up every week!  As always, we bring you the highlights:

  • Take home a potted tulip plant from Stannards Farm and watch it bloom before your eyes.
  • Overwintered greens are all the rage. Southern cooks have long sought out these bountiful bunches for their sweet flavor. Lani’s Farm and Gajeski Produce on Thursdays have an abundance of broccoli raab, kale, asian greens, collards, and more!
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Dutifully, credit, debit and EBT are accepted.
Your hippie neighbor’s favorite snack via Wikimedia Commons