what a weird thing to eat

More appetizing than a coconut and easier to obtain

All your friends leaving you here to go to a beautiful exotic location get trashed on the beach in Cancun?  Not to fret–the Columbia Greenmarket is here for you!  Every Thursday and Sunday on Broadway between 114th and 116th, they provide the food, we provide the highlights:

  • Good news for EBT customers!  Spend $5 at the market with EBT and receive a $2 coupon for fruits and vegetables
  • Lani’s Produce is back on Thursdays with an exquisite selection of no-spray greens
  • Lavender by the Bay will be here this Thursday!  Smell it from your open window on Broadway, buy a bouquet and give it to your friends along with a passive aggressive note before they leave for vaca
  • Starting this Sunday Hawthorne Valley Farm will be joining the market with certified organic and biodynamic items.  Check out their website to see the diverse selection
As always, EBT, credit, and debit are accepted.
Only accepted species of the genus cocos via Wikimedia Commons