Underneath It All: A Field Study of the Heights

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Ever had twenty-five Heights margaritas in one night? Bwog has, cumulatively. Kicking Bacchaweekend off right, the brave among us hit early happy hour last Thursday… and stayed there well into the next one. It was awkwardly empty, it was frighteningly crowded. It was strangely sober, it was blackout drunk. But most of all, it was a whole lot of margarita syrup stuck to our elbows. You may have dined (and wined) above it all, but we doubt you’ve seen beneath the surface of The Heights, 5 pm – 12 am on a Thursday night. Graduating from our frighteningly thorough 12-hour Tom’s stakeout to a venue with a liquor license, Bwog brings you Underneath It All: A Field Study of the Heights

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    the comments: whine beneath it all!

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    I heart gonzobwog

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    Disappointed at lack of staying power...I figured Bwog would be able to go hard til closet

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