Your future home?

First, a recap.

The 114th Brownstones have seen a lot of action. After saying goodbye to Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Psi Upsilon at the end of Spring 2011 following Operation Ivy League, 536, 542 and 546 W. 114th opened their doors to a variety of transfer, wait list, and summer transfer students for the 2011-12 academic year. This housing season, the Brownstones entered the lottery, with the few doubles going to juniors and sophomores in suite selection, and singles still up for grabs in regular selection (which is coming up).

The Brownstone Review Committee

In February, Terry Martinez, Dean of Community Development and Multi-Cultural Affairs, announced that students could apply to a committee that would decide who the Brownstones would be available to starting in Fall 2013. This month, Katherine Cutler, Director of Communications and Special Projects at CSA let us know that this committee has been selected, and that they will be in charge of deciding which groups will be able to call 114th home come the 2013-14 year. No explicit mention of Special Interest Housing, but that’s basically what this will be.

According to Cutler’s e-mails, the committee will:

  • Develop the criteria for a successful application
  • Hold open information sessions to help answer any questions or clarify the process
  • Review completed applications
  • Make recommendations to Dean Shollenberger for final decisions

The committee will not be in charge of the fate of The Nunnery on 113th, which is slightly larger and will become available through a different process.

The Committee:

Andrea Collazo, CC ‘13

William Hughes, CC ‘13

Kimberly Lynch, SEAS ‘13

Krystal Martinez, CC’ 13

Perry Nickerson, CC’ 13

Daniel O’Leary, SEAS ‘14

Joyce Jackson, Executive Director, Housing

Cristen Kromm, Assistant Dean for Community Development and Residential Programs

Victoria Lopez-Herrera, Associate Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Terry Martinez, Dean of Community Development and Multicultural Affairs will chair the committee.

Want one?

As of yet, applications are not released. If everything stays on the original schedule, applications will be due on September 28th, 2012 and you would know by November 19th if your group has won. Which means plenty of time for you to decide what makes you so special.

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