Bwog’s Chef-in-Residence of the last five semesters, Matt Powell, is graduating. Since OldBwog first presented Matt’s culinary masterpieces, Cooking with Bwog has been your Iron Chef, taken you Back to Basics, and come all up in your living spaces. While Bwog copes with the coming dearth of deliciousness, Matt has put together his all-time favorite editions of CWB, as well as some parting words of culinary inspiration.

Food is a unique form of expression, bringing people together around a common table. In signing-off, I would like to remind all the CU foodies and cooks out there to always be adventurous in the kitchen. For some people, that means constructing a towering croquembouche and for others, that means making a baked potato for the first time. Maybe it’s tasting beef tongue for the first time or a spoonful of durian. We all have to start somewhere!

Below are my favorite pictures and recipes from years. I hope that you enjoy them and I hope they lead you to create something new that is uniquely yours.