Official composting poster

Every Thursday and Sunday from 114th to 116th on Broadway, the Columbia greenmarket comes ’round to provide a bit of stability to your hectic city life.  Likewise, every Thursday we’re here to give you the highlights:

  • Today Lani’s Farm will have bunches of asparagus.  Get to the market early for this first spring treat!
  • This week’s featured item is herbs.  Procure some for business or pleasure: they can be bought as a plant on your windowsill or freshly cut to be used in cooking.  Stop by market info for fun facts, recipes, instructions on making herb oils & butters, and a sample of the cooking demo.
  • Every Sunday starting April 22nd, the market will be collecting food scraps for compost from 8am to 1pm. Visit for a list of what can be composted, tips on storage, and more.
Credit, debit, and EBT are accepted – stability, friends.
Composting poster via the greenmarket