The incredible, edible egg

Every Thursday and Sunday the Columbia Greenmarket serves as a staple of stability, holding camp on Broadway between 114th and 116th.  As always, we bring you the highlights:

  • Ah, spring, when cute baby animals are born and eggs are created.  And how good would that egg taste for your breakfast!  Hens have begun laying, so check out the market’s collection
  • Stop by Market Info today to learn more about eggs, taste a sample from the cooking demo, and pick up tips on how to decorate your eggs naturally this Easter using market ingredients
  • Celebrate Easter Sunday with your friendly neighborhood Greenmarket!  Samascott Orchards, Beth’s Farm Kitchen, Sawkill Farm, Hudson Valley Duck, Ardith Mae, Meredith’s Bread, Dan Madura with mushrooms, Hot Bread Kitchen, and Monkshood Nursery will all be at the market on Sunday
Credit, debit, and EBT will be eaten along with the eggs.  Just kidding, they’re totally accepted.
Masterfully dyed eggs via Wikimedia Commons