The school year might be over as far as final exams and cat-naps in Butler go, but as we learned last summer, there’s never a dull moment for the admin.

As SEAS seniors and their Dean get ready to tear up South Lawn, their student council remind us that there’s more to the story, with a newly released statement reaffirming their confidence in Dean Peña-Mora’s “commitment to undergraduate students.” You can check out all two paragraphs after the jump, but bear with us for a few bullets if you need a recap.

The quick-and-dirty:

May 12, 2012

To the Editor:

With the academic year wrapping up and summer quickly approaching, the Engineering Student Council would like to make a statement reaffirming our confidence in Dean Peña-Mora’s commitment to undergraduate students. We believe that Dean Peña-Mora has and will continue to maintain his strong and fruitful working relationship with the undergraduate engineering community.

Since becoming the Dean three years ago, he has continuously strived to improve the undergraduate engineering experience. Through his many initiatives to reach out to the students, Dean Peña-Mora has actively maintained both visibility and accessibility to student groups and individual students.

We are confident that the Dean will further enhance the undergraduate engineering student life and educational experience. We look forward to working with the Dean next year.


Tim Qin, President

Bora Kim, VP Policy

Sheila Misheni, VP Student Life

Siddhant Bhatt, VP Finance

Caroline Taylor, VP Communications

Akshay Shah, University Senator