In the time we’ve shared here at Columbia with our dear PrezBo, it’s become increasingly clear that he’s not the most, uh, accessible campus figure—unless you’re stalking him online or in class. But for most of us laypeople, PrezBo has remained a man of many mysteries, shrouded by evasively worded emails, exclusive garden parties rife with sparkling waters of all sorts, and a goddamn beautiful head of hair.

At least that’s what we thought—until we took a closer look. Turns out, like Waldo himself, PrezBo’s been right under our noses the entire time. We had Snapshot Super-Specialist Zach Kagan cull together the following freeze frames taken from Big Brother hidden campus security cameras the archives, so you can find PrezBo for yourself…

Exhibit A: PrezBacchanal

Not pictured: his roadie

Exhibit B: Bollounging On The Lawns

Not pictured: his beachwear

Exhibit C: EarLEE To Lecture 

Not pictured: his first dibs on the limited Havemeyer Wifi

Exhibit D: Partying Like A Prezident 

Not pictured: the rave candy on his other arm

Exhibit E: Images Of A Free Prez

Not pictured: his throwbackpack

Exhibit F:  PrezBalled Up At Your Feet

Not pictured: his Snuggie

Exhibit G: Ever-Prezent

Not pictured: you and your significant other endeavoring the King's Quest