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Suspect Arrested for 122nd Street Execution

Update, 6/25 12:00 pm: Nunez has admitted to police that he is the guy on the surveillance video, according to the Daily News.


The NYPD arrested Roberto Nunez at 8 this morning on suspicion of June 7th’s triple homicide. Nunez, 30, is a convicted felon. He can be seen walking away from the blood-spattered BMW in surveillance footage from that night.

He was picked up after a friend-of-a-friend with whom he was staying sold his .38 to an undercover officer. Ballistics matched the weapon to the casings found at the crime scene.

Image via the NYPost

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  • Okay, you guys. says:

    @Okay, you guys. Let’s conduct ourselves like educated, sensible adults this time.

    1. Typical Bwog Commenter says:

      @Typical Bwog Commenter No deal. Barnard is a backdoor into Columbia. People of color are all criminals. Humanities majors are never going to get a job.

      1. 2nd Typical Bwog Commenter says:

        @2nd Typical Bwog Commenter *Types 1000 word discussion about the danger of hate speech* Final sentence: And everyone knows Columbia girls are all prudes!

        1. Random quirk says:

          @Random quirk About GS ruining me degree while I fial to write in propr english

      2. Roberto Nunez says:

        @Roberto Nunez Speaking of sheltered Columbians, it appears Bwog has anglicized my name.

      3. CC'14 says:

        @CC'14 Wrong. Barnard is not a backdoor into Columbia

        …because it is not a part of Columbia.



        1. Van Owen says:

          @Van Owen Then wear your own academic regalia during graduation and list Barnard as your college on facebook instead of Columbia University…

          1. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous Yo are you guys seriously gonna have this discussion again?
            I’m a way bigger troll than all y’all and even I’m tired of this shit.

            Also, Van Owen, you’re by far the lamest of the Bwog personalities. And at this rate, a second-rate Bwog personality you shall stay.

          2. Van Owen says:

            @Van Owen Apparently you haven’t updated your facebook status to properly reflect the fact that you attend Barnard College (Nine ways of knowing how to hide the fact you attended Barnard and not Columbia College). You are not only lame, but you are a poseur.

    2. Translated says:

      @Translated Let’s conduct ourselves according to my definition of educated, sensible adults this time.

  • LOL says:

    @LOL “He was picked up after a friend-of-a-friend with whom he was staying sold his .38 to an undercover officer.”

    I call BULLSHIT. My intuition: The “friend-of-a-friend” simply tipped off the NYPD detectives unit that he was harboring a criminal after he suspected the man who stayed with him was the killer. But, fearing revenge from either him or his other associates or his family after finding out that he turned him in, he and the NYPD simply played the part and made it look like he accidentally sold the gun to an undercover officer to keep him safe.

    we’re not fooled lol.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous For anyone who’s curious, the original Operation Ivy League tip wasn’t from a complaint down in the Village, it was from a friend of Harrison David (a Columbia student, I might add). He got caught for weed and was facing prison time and presumably got off in exchange for introducing the undercover cops.

      (He and Harrison were caught with a huge amount as minors, and his records would be unsealed if he got caught again so it would count as a prior for this but not for Columbia admission. It probably didn’t come out in Harrison’s trial for witness projection and all).

      Anyway, people were plenty fooled then, so it makes sense for the police to say these things.

      1. Van Owen says:

        @Van Owen Snitches get stitches and get punked like biatches….

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous It doesn’t rhyme anymore because you are dumb and typed it slangy in an effort to be cool. FAIL

  • well sh!t says:

    @well sh!t you’ve done it again, Agent Grissom

  • The Wire says:

    @The Wire What kind of moron keeps that gun? Storm drains are installed for a reason.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous #omarcoming

  • random question says:

    @random question why is everyone referring to this as the “shooting near columbia university?” union college and manhattan school of music are literally right there…

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous this is a columbia blog…

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous im talking about media references to the shooting

    2. because says:

      @because we’re worth it

    3. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Correct. The shootings have nothing to do with Columbia University. They actually took place across the street from Union TS, Manhattan School of Music, and Barnard. But, on a national scene, no one has ever heard of the other three. Columbia sounds more sensational.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Why does no one ever remember JTS?????? We belong here too right?

        1. yeah says:

          @yeah um…about that…

      2. except says:

        @except that this was at 122, which is 2 blocks from the nearest Barnard building and 50 steps from the nearest Columbia building. Yes, UTS and MSM are right there too. But Knox Hall is a CU building.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous where was this during obamanard?

  • anonymous says:

    @anonymous Bwog– his name is Roberto not Robert.

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