Every year news students arrive to campus a week early with spirits full of hope and minds primed for molding. Unfortunately, the earnest innocence doesn’t last long, as NSOP presents the first social and narcotic barriers to entry for the academic market, and that’s where we come in. Bwog loves observing the full spectrum of freshperson frivolity: from lingering reports of strafing helicopter-parents to accounts of pre-LitHum bacchanalia, we want to hear it all.

To sweeten the deal, Book Culture—freshpeople: most profs/students prefer Book Culture to the campus bookstore for a variety of reasons—has offered to award the winner of this contest a complete box set of first semester Lit Hum books. 

So here’s how it’ll work:

  1. Send us your funny pictures/stories/bits of overheard conversation. tips@bwog.com.
  2. We’ll post submissions as they come in, like in previous contests.
  3. Winners will be announced after review by expert judges.
  4. Prizes:
  1. First semester Lit Hum books from Book Culture
  2. The typical Bwog reward: 1 sixpack and a Koronet pizza
  3. 1 cup of Joe’s coffee
  4. 1 cup of Butler Cafe coffee

So to recap: send us funny things, we’ll post them, we’ll judge them based on comments, and then we’ll give you expensive books for free.