Columbia’s PanHellenic Association—AXO, DG, SDT, and Theta—have decided which sororities will be joining Columbia over the next two years, according to Spec. And the winners are: Alpha Omicron Pi and Gamma Phi Beta! Specifically, AOPi AOII will be starting a chapter next semester and Gamma Phi Beta (whose cutesy abbreviation/nickname was not known at press time) will start colonizing Columbia “no later sooner than 2015.”

It is a homecoming of sorts for AOPi AOII, which was actually founded at Barnard. Gamma Phi Beta has no prior affiliation with Columbia also had a chapter at Barnard, but is at least and is from the same state—having been founded at Syracuse—and can claim to be the first women’s organization to be ever called a “sorority.” Like poor AXO, the two new sororities will be houseless.

Update, 9/25 3:40 pm: Bwog has since learned from a confidential source that Gamma Phi Beta’s cutesy nickname is GPhi.