No vacancy.

Here are the winners of the brownstones formerly known as AEPi, Pike, and PsiU:

  1. Alpha Chi Omega
  2. Lambda Phi Epsilon
  3. Q House

While this is great news for these three organizations—having been without a house for so long—it comes as a blow to AEPi and Pike as they were trying to earn their houses back.  Dean Shollenberger told Bwog that he had purposefully kept the houses open for the last two school years to allow those frats the opportunity to reevaluate their purpose and thus re-earn their spots.  Despite strides in community engagement, apparently this did not happen.

Update, 1:22 pm: Shollenberger sent out an email confirming the above groups.

N.B. KevSho wrote, “After reviewing the application materials and considering the recommendations of the committee, I have made a final decision.” This language suggests that he may not have followed the recommendations of the Brownstone Review Committee. We’ve reached out to him for comment.

The dean’s full email:

Dear Students,

Over the past six months, the Brownstone Review Committee has been charged with the difficult task of reviewing 13 applications for three vacant brownstones on West 114th Street. Each application received careful consideration, and a recommendation for each brownstone was made after much dialogue.

After reviewing the application materials and considering the recommendations of the committee, I have made a final decision. I am pleased to inform you that I have offered housing contracts to the following three student organizations to reside in the University brownstones for the upcoming academic year: Alpha Chi Omega, Lambda Phi Epsilon, and Q House.

I want to thank all of the student organizations who opted to participate in this housing application process. The review and selection process for these brownstones was a difficult task, but it has allowed us to think more about how we can meet the needs of our residential community through a variety of housing options. Concurrent to this Brownstone Review Process, we have also been exploring options for Special Interest Communities for the new brownstone property located at 619-623 West 113th Street, formerly known as “the Convent.” Over the past several months, we have solicited much feedback from the community on how we should best utilize this space.

I highly encourage interested student organizations to explore the special interest housing options that will be available on 113th Street, as well as other campus space that may become available from groups relocating to the 114th Street brownstones. Additional information regarding the 113th Street brownstone and the Special Interest Community application process will be available in the next few weeks.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the students and staff members who served on the Brownstone Review Committee. Your commitment to making this an open and fair process for all involved is much appreciated.


Dean Shollenberger

Houses via DNAinfo