Only place we’d pour that is down your throat.

Classes are finally over this Monday–isn’t that swell?  Well, we s’pose it would be if there weren’t no pesky finals and papers to finish off.  But don’t worry, baby, your folks at Drinking with Bwog, New York’s hottest speakeasy, are here to make sure everything’s fine and ducky.  Don’t let prohibition reading week stop you from having a whoopee time.

We here at Drinking with Bwog want to ensure that all’s copacetic–we don’t discourage you from following the laws of Reading Week, we just want to let you know about this week’s drink specials:


  • LitRum: Bacardi 151 with just a hint of cream soda (can exchange for ArtRum–with grenadine for color–or MusicRum–with ice to clink)
  • Frontiers of Sake: Spice up your beer with a shot of sake
  • University Whiskey: Two fingers and ice. Don’t forget to listen to Papa!
  • Contemporary Cosmopolitans: Forget about past civilizations, we’re cosmopolitan
  • GinChem: Gin and tonic, with lemon swirl

Main Courses:

  • Modern English (English): Smooth and autumnal, perfect for a night of reading
  • Churchill (Political Science): Let Churchill’s wit perk you up
  • Bloody Mary (Religion): Heaven isn’t hard to reach; all it takes is tomato juice and a stick of celery
  • Flaming Doctor Pepper (Chem E): Study these reactions
  • Caipirinha (Anthropology): Perfect for primary source ethnography of Brazil
  • White Russian (Film Studies): What?  Did you think we were going to say Slavic Languages?
  • Tequila Sunrise (Latin American and Iberian Studies): Que bueno!
  • Staten Island Ferry (Mechanical Engineering): Would you rather be designing a bridge?
  • Chicago Cocktail (Urban Studies): Learn the history of this great American city
  • Hurricane (Earth & Environmental Sciences): Take the sadness out of natural disasters, add grenadine
  • Cape Codder (American Studies): Reminisce on summers spent at the Cape
  • Seven and Seven (Applied Math): A lot easier than your problem sets, we’re guessing
  • Four Horseman (Economics): Well, it’s all going to shit anyways

Just Desserts:

True War on Fun via Wikimedia Commons