Bwog kindly asks you to forget about our own terrible experience with graphic design for the next two minutes while we rail on someone else for embarrassing design in order to release our finals aggression.

For those of you who haven’t been frantically checking SSOL for your grades, the login page is currently splashed with a gigantic holiday well-wishing from CUIT. The department is apparently staffed with tech geeks from the ’80s, since the design is approximately 100% clip art and eerily reminiscent of CubMail.

While we appreciate the sentiment, CUIT, could you at least have spent a few more than 5 minutes on your “2012_holiday_card.jpg”?  Maybe throw some gifs in there?  Or a video like when we got our online acceptances?  Better yet, why not a lovely picture of the whole team in ugly holiday sweaters? Then you’d at least be hip with the kids.  We love that you’re sending us these cheery vibes, but it’ll take a lot more than that image to brighten this season.

If finals have you too lazy to hyperlink yourself to SSOL, enjoy the offending holiday spirit: